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January 2004



Aerial Hunt: I Killed Me a Wolf (01-31-04)

Predator Plan Records First Kills (01-31-04)

Outside Opinions (01-30-04)

First Casualties of the Aerial War
on Alaska's Wolves Shrouded in Secrecy

First Wolves Killed Under Alaska's
Predator Control Program

First Wolves Die in Alaska Aerial Gunning (01-30-04)

Wolf Killing Ban in Question (01-30-04)

Consider Medred's Hunting Column
Before Signing any More Petitions

Friends of Animals Plans More Howl-Ins (01-29-04)

Alaskans to Recall Murkowski (01-29-04)

St. Petersburg Marks 50th Howl-In Protesting
Alaska's Wolf-Killing Plan

Recall the Governor of Alaska (01-27-04)

Stop the Slaughter! (01-27-04)

We Don't Need Arrogant, Immature
Alaskans Opposing Tourism

In the Real World,
Alaskans Twice Voted Down
Aerial Wolf Control

Federal Judge Rules
that Sport, Commercial Hunters
Should Have Voice in Subsistence

Wolf Policy is Unfair and Inhumane (01-25-04)

Who Ever Said Hunting
was Supposed to be Fair?

Gray Wolves to Remain
on Endangered List

Rid Anchorage of Destructive Deer
While There's Still Time

The Killing of Wolves in Alaska (01-22-04)

Dog or Wolf (01-21-04)

The State and the Wolf (01-21-04)

Rescued Klondike 300 Musher
Was Threatened by Wolves or Wild Dogs

Friends of Animals Issues
Correction to AP Story

What's So Fair About Hunting with
High-Powered Rifle?

Wolf Control (01-20-04)

Is 'Help' Possible? (01-19-04)

Darien Group Travels to Alaska for Protest (01-18-04)

Protestors Continue to Boycott Alaska (01-18-04)

Where Wolves Belong (01-18-04)

Alaska's Wildlife Policy Will Prove Costly (01-18-04)

When Hunting is Done,
Soldotna Taxidermist Starts Work

Most Hunters Prefer Fair Chase;
Those Who Bait are too Lazy to Hunt

Sitka Site of First Alaska Howl-In (01-18-04)

Wolf Control has Sensible Goal in Mind (01-17-04)

Subsistence Hunters Lose in Court (01-17-04)

People Hired to Manage Wildlife
Know Best How to Do the Job

Tactic Provides Bait for Argument (01-16-04)

On Moving Wolves (01-16-04)

Science-Based Management Needed to Solve Wildlife Problems (01-15-04)

Utahan is Concerned About Lone Wolf (01-14-04)

Why Attack Outside Parties
Who Side with Alaskans on Wolves?

Governor Disregarded Voters Once;
On What Issue Will He Do It Next?

Oh, Deer (01-13-04)

Black Wolf Near Glacier Brings
Locals Delight - and Some Concern

Wolverines are Elusive Creatures (01-11-04)

Wolf Derby (01-11-04)

State Takes Applications for
New Wolf Control Effort

Another Piece In . . .Sad Puzzle (01-10-04)

Separation is Critical to Minimizing
Danger from Bears, other Animals

Effort to Ban Bear Baiting Moves Ahead (01-09-04)

Bear Baiting (01-09-04)

Bear Baiting Opponents Deliver
Signatures Aplenty

Anchorage Residents Suffer When
Fish and Animals are Put First

Aerial Wolf Hunting is Wasteful;
Trappers Could Do the Job Better

Park Service Says Mauling Not at Night (01-06-04)

Counter Howl-In (01-06-04)

Why No Boycott Where . . . Cougars Kill? (01-06-04)

Treadwell: Naturalist or Con Man? (01-05-04)

Mowry Off Base (01-04-04)

PETA's Anti-Fur Flier Promotes
Compassion for Animals

Nature Maintains Wolf Population (01-02-04)

Nobody Owns the Wolves;
Nature's Doing Fine Without Meddling

Governor Commended for
Standing Firm Against Wolf Misinformation

Calling Wildlife 'Livestock' Doesn't Mean
it Should be Domesticated

Friends of Animals May Mean Well
But Their Thinking is Disneyish

Wolf and Moose Ratios in Alaska (01-01-04)

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