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February 2004



Predator Debate Leads Off
Public Testimony

Murkowski Stacked Game Board with
Pro-Predator Control Members

Board of Wildlife Would Signal Demise
of Hunting, Trapping in State

Game Board to Take up Bear Issues (02-27-04)

Los Angeles Howls for Alaska's Wolves (02-26-04)

Propositions Take Aim at Bears (02-26-04)

Daily News Made Good Call in Running
Pictures of Animal Skinning (02-26-04)

Game Board Needs to be Diversified,
Bill Sponsor Says

Outsiders' Opinion
not Worth a "Plug Nickel"

Find Balance
Game Board Could Use a Change

New Tools Needed for Predator Control (02-24-04)

Bear Poaching (02-24-04)

Makes Me Sick (02-24-04)

Board of Game Facing Proposed Changes (02-24-04)

Survey Finds More Moose (02-24-04)

Hide for Sale (02-23-04)

Wolf Packs of Denali in Danger
of Losing their Protection Zone

Read Carefully (02-22-04)

Hunter Objects to State's
Aerial Wolf Killing Policy

Senator Ellis Proposes
Board of Game Change

Moose Carnage Prompts Concern (02-22-04)

Aerial Protest Challenges
Aerial War on Wolves

Trapper Royalty Ready for
Fur Rondy Duties

Maybe Some New Weapons. . .
Against Bears?

Results of McGrath Moose
Surveys Released

5 Alaskans Charged with Poaching (02-20-04)

Game Board Changes Sought (02-19-04)

Boycott Forever (02-19-04)

Wolf on Watch (02-18-04)

Find a New Cause (02-18-04)

Ellis Introduces Bill to Bring
Balance to Game Board

Legislation Aims to Change
Game Board's Name, Mission

Support Those Who Will Help Wildlife (02-17-04)

Juneau Wolf may be
Losing its Fear of Humans

Legislative Bill to Replace Board
of Game with a Board of Wildlife

Wolf-Stocking Experiment
had Lessons for Biologists

It's Ill-Advised to Manage Wolves
and Bears as if They Were Vermin

Who's Up? Who's Down? (02-15-04)

Mendenhall Wolf Growing Used to
Humans and Dog

Arrogant FOA (02-14-04)

Animals that are Alaska's Biggest
Selling Point are Being Eradicated

Wildlife Bill Puts Consumption on Top (02-13-04)

Close Book on Game Board Horror Stories (02-12-04)

Wolves (02-12-04)

Native Americans, Elementary
School Kids,Some Faces Behind Alaska Protest

Did Moose That Became Entangled
in Electric Line Really Have to Die?

Policy to Turn Blind Eye to Voters
and Kill Wolves isn't Democracy

Couple Follows Porcupine Caribou Herd (02-12-04)

Wildlife Group Asks Feds
for Wolf Control Help

Wolf Hunt?  Witch Hunt? 
What's the Difference?

Game Board to Mull Killing Bears (02-10-04)

Friends of Animals' Interventions
and Howl-Ins to Boycott Alaska

Ravenous Wolves Destroy Caribou Herds,
and They Don't Buy Licenses

How Do We Know Letter Writers
Were Really Planning Trips to Alaska?

Panel to Mull Killing Bears (02-10-04)

Seekins Wants Bear Hunt Rules Eased (02-08-04)

Fewer Tourists (02-08-04)

Don't Let Outsiders Hurt
Alaska with Boycott

Biologist to Talk About Wolf Behavior (02-08-04)

Wolf Pack or No Wolf Pack,
Musher Has a Tale to Tell

Begin Ban on Bear Bait with
Ban on Bird Feeders

Who's Up?  Who's Down? (02-08-04)

Wolf-Dog Gets a Reprieve,
Ticket to a Canada Sanctuary

Should Wolves on Douglas Island
Continue to be Protected from
Hunting and Trapping?

Two Sides to Every Story (02-07-04)

Misguided Animal Activists Reveal
Ignorance in Thinly Veiled Campaign

Two More Wolves Snared in Whitehorse (02-06-04)

If Alaskans Insist on Killing Wolves,
They Can do it Without our Money

Abhorrent, Unfair Killing of Wolves
Worth Boycotting; I'm Canceling

Wolf Boycott (02-05-04)

Leave the Wolves Alone (02-05-04)

You have Supporters, Governor;
Hang Tough on Wolf Control Efforts

Gov. Murkowski's Legacy will be Tainted
with the Blood of Wolves

Tourism Boycott is Great News for
Alaskans Who Enjoy Camping

Boycott Stings Tour Outfits (02-04-04)

Top Troopers are Keeping Officers
From Their Sworn Wildlife Duties

Effort to Recall Murkowski,
Leman has Broad Support Across Alaska

State Agrees to Let Wolf Hybrid
Go to Ontario Sanctuary

Friends of Animals Responds (02-03-04)

It's About the Animals, Medred;
Some Forms of Hunting Aren't Fair

Wolf Kill Boycott Nibbles Tourism (02-03-04)

Friends of Animals Hosts Demonstrations
Against Aerial Hunting

Animal Rights Advocates Mad
Over Predator Control Program

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