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March 2004



Bears Rising, If Not Shining (03-31-04)

Seekins' Bill on Fish, Game Use
Stalls in Senate

Wolf Creeps onto Couple's Porch
for a Midnight Snack

Officials Decline to Attend
Wolf-Control Forum

Deadly Ending (03-28-04)

Correction (03-28-04)

Sterilized Wolves Living Large (03-28-04)

For Some Big-Game Hunters,
Polar Bears Offer a Shot at a Dream

City's Burgeoning Moose Population
Calls for Animals' Relocation or Hunt

Fish and Game Commissioner Withholds
Full Picture of Wolf Control

Slaughtering Wolves, Baiting Bears,
Killing Moose Calves Defies Logic

A Board of Wildlife Would Offer Solutions
Board of Game Never Can

Predator Control (03-26-04)

Suggestion to Moose Shooter:
Stay Home if You're Afraid in Parks

How to Report Poaching
Violations in Alaska

Knik River Area Wildlife
Fall to Unknown Poacher

Durango Woman Drums Support
for Alaska Wolves

Howl-In to ProtestAlaska's Aerial Wolf-Killing:Durango's Ft. Lewis College and Diamond Circle Theatre (03-25-04)

Alaska's Wolf Control Program:
An Opposing View

In Self-Defense (03-24-04)

News-Miner Wrong (03-23-04)

East Coast Thinking (03-23-04)

Biologists Warn Against Giving
Food to Hungry Moose

Lack of Food Thins Out
Moose Numbers

Bear Cubs Still in Area of Den (03-22-04)

Students Net Profit at
Trapper's Fur Auction

Find Wilderness, Development Balance (03-22-04)

Western Arctic Caribou Herd
Nears 500,000 Mark

Intellect, Not Savagery,
Guides Predator Control

Friends of Animals (03-20-04)

Fish, Game Boards (03-20-04)

Truth and Wolves (03-20-04)

Learn the True Facts of Wolf Control (03-20-04)

Write Letters to Alaska's Officials
About Predator Control Programs

Alaskans Who Count on Tourism Dollars
Won't Get Them if Wolves Die

Let's Manage Hunters, not Wolves (03-19-04)

Wolf-Shooting Speeds Up in Alaska;
NY Times Decries 'Savagery of Humans'

Individual Influence (03-18-04)

The Real Predator (03-18-04)

Extreme Bear Control Legislation (SB297)
to be Discussed in Senate Resources Committee

Alert From Friends of Animals (03-17-04)

East Coast Thinking (03-17-04)

Brown Bear Mauls Guide (03-17-04)

Denali National Park Should be Allowed
to Return to Natural State

All You Can Eat (03-15-04)

Board of Game Authorizes Predator Control,
Reconsiders Denali Buffer

Wolf Deception (03-15-04)

Save the Bears (03-15-04)

Absurdity in Game Management (03-15-04)

Wolf 'Control' in Alaska (03-14-04)

Alaska Wolf Control Programs
Rack up 114 Wolves, Lots of Letters

Counting the Herd (03-14-04)

Wolves on Douglas (03-14-04)

Who's Up, Who's Down (03-14-04)

Local Activist's Story Told
in Upcoming Book

Wolf Control Tallied (03-14-04)

Game Board Opposes
Wolf Viewing Interests

Hunters Can't Defend Grizzly-Kill Plans (03-13-04)

Defenders of Alaska and its Natives
Must Rally for Bear, Speak for Eagle

Don't Issue Cow Moose Permits (03-12-04)

Wolf Predation Continues to Affect
Moose, Sheep, Caribou Populations

3 Fined for Poaching Moose (03-12-04)

Game Board Attempts
To Thwart Bear Initiative

Accelerated Wolf Shooting in Alaska:
An International Horror

Game Board Finishes 14 Days of Meetings (03-11-04)

Why Kill Moose Calves and Wolves? (03-11-04)

Committee Asks for Review of Wolf Regulations

Logic's Among Things Getting Killed (03-11-04)

Game Board Leaves Wolf Buffer Intact (03-11-04)

Board of Game (03-10-04)

Politics Gone Awry (03-10-04)

Denali Wolf Buffer Retained (03-10-04)

Bears May be Next in Predator Control (03-10-04)

Wolf Control Proves Unnecessary (03-09-04)

Game Board Adopts
Statewide Bear Policy

Bear Control Advances (03-09-04)

Wolf Control (03-09-04)

Board of Game No Longer Represents People
Who Value Wildlife, Habitats

Bear Baiting Initiative Receives
Preliminary Nod

Predator Control Area Approved
in Central Kuskokwim

Game Board Creates
New Wolf Control Area

Keep Up Your Howling
and Tourism Boycott

'Final Frontier' Days are Over;
Wildlife is Valued for its Own Sake

State Game Board's Actions
are Hard to Comprehend

All Trapper Game Board Approves
Trapper Use of Helicopters
to Aid in Wolf Slaughter Campaign

Moose Numbers Could Not Sustain
Alaska's Population

Killing Wolves (03-07-04)

Who's Up? Who's Down? (03-07-04)

Studies Indicate that Eliminating Wolves
Hurts Browsers and Plants

Treadwell's Killer Had to be Killed (03-06-04)

Game Board Scraps
Salcha Moose Hunt for Youngsters

Board Ups Bag Limit on Wolves (03-06-04)

Moose Calf Hunts Endorsed (03-05-04)

Game Board Gets Rid
of Season for Young Hunters

War is Declared on Alaska's Bears

Game Board Panel Wrestles
with Bear Control Policy

Alaskans Won't Back Game Board
Changes Based on Emotion, Politics

Wolf Hunt Ban Permanent
Algonquin Provincial Park Canada

Board of Game Reauthorizes
Hunting of Moose Calves

Current Wildlife Threat Level (03-04-04)

Hunting Season (03-04-04)

Biologist Targets Moose Calves

Emotions Don't Feed my Family,
Controlling Predators Does

Wolf-Control Boundaries Expanded (03-03-04)

'Predator Control' a Pale Term
for Wholesale Wildlife Slaughter

Wolf Debates Subject to Distortion (03-03-04)

Get Tough with Predators,
Game Board Told

McGrath Aerial Hunters Bring in
Effort's First Three Wolves

Alaska Wildlife Alliance Offers
Bounty to Save Denali Wolves

State to Expand Aerial Predator
Control Near McGrath

Too Many People Destroying
too Much Habitat, Hurting Fish and Game

Game Board Hearings Wrap up in Fairbanks (03-02-04)

Board of Game Bill Smells Like Politics (03-02-04)

Fish, Game Consumption
Given Priority Under Bill

Three Wolves Killed in McGrath Hunt (03-02-04)

Emergency Closure Requested
to Save Denali Wolves

McGrath Wolf Control Boundary Expanded (03-01-04)

Keep Them Wild (03-01-04)

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