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November 2003

Trapping (11-30-03)

Fortymile Caribou Hunt Postponed(11-29-03)

Judge Delays Aerial Wolf-Kill(11-27-03)

Aerial Wolf Hunt Put on Hold(11-27-03)

Aerial Wolf Hunting Grounded Temporarily(11-26-03)

Animal Rights Group Tries to
Prevent Wolf Shootings

National Parks Rake in Big Bucks (11-26-03)

Hunter-Dominated Board's Agenda
Places Wolf Hunts Over Past Votes

Aerial Wolf Hunt Disgraces Alaska(11-25-03)

Aerial Shooting of Wolves Inhumane (11-24-03)

Born to Hunt (11-23-03

Shooting Not Solution to the Wolf Problem (11-23-03)

State Needs Intelligent Wolf Control (11-23-03)

Alaska Almanac(11-22-03

Lowlife Who Shot Turnagain Arm
Dall Ram Must Be Caught, Punished

Alaska's Wildlife Shouldn't be Managed
by Blackmail and Threats

Alaska is Big Enough for Moose,
Snowmachiners to Live Together

Letter About Snowmachines' Effects on Moose
Numbers is Laughable

Aerial Wolf Hunting Photo(11-21-03)

Popular Turnagain Arm Dall Sheep
Killed in 'Offensive' Shooting

Stop the Aerial Slaughter of Alaska's Wolves!(11-19-03)

Snowmachines, not Wolves,
Present Real Problems for Su Valley Moose

Alaska Leaders Finally Manage Game(11-19-03)

Friends of Moose Push for Control of Predators (11-19-03)

Charges Against Couple with Wolf Hybrids
Expected to be Dropped

Permits for Aerial Hunts of McGrath
Predators Available

Permit Applications Available for McGrath Area
Predator Control Program

Wildlife Management(11-18-03)

Recall Murkowski Over Wolf Hunting? (11-18-03)

Hunting Foes Won't Admit it:
Plenty Of Alaska's Wilderness is Protected

Hunters Plan For Wolf Permit (11-18-03)

Woman Who Wrote Anti-Hunting Letter
Illustrated Irrational Thinking

Money Spent by Hunters in Alaska
Stays Right Here Instead of Outside

Money from Hunting Licenses
Goes Toward Vital Wildlife Research

Hunters and Fishers Provide Most
of the Money for Habitat Restoration

Tree-Huggers, Urbanites, Outsiders
Must Stay out of Game Management

Public Not Fooled by Rationalizations
Between Hunting, Culling, Killing

Hunters Donating Meat to Food Bank
Suggests Wolves aren't the Problem

Control the Numbers (11-15-03)

Game Board Heightens Slaughter in State that
is a Hellhole for Wolves

Why Must State Suffer Boycott
Simply to Aid Sport Hunters?

Don't Respect Alaskans' Decisions?
Maybe a Trip North isn't for You

Friends of Animals Will Send Tourists Packing
if Aerial Wolf Hunt Occurs

Wildlife Watchers (11-13-03)

Alaskans, Not Tourists, are Best Qualified to
Solve Local Issues

Poll Results (11-13-03)

Maybe a Tourism Boycott of Alaska Over Wolf
Issues Wouldn't Be So Bad

Board of Game is Interested Only in
Helping Hunters; Time for Change

Deer Company (11-12-03)

Recreational Trapping Cruel,
Has No Place in 21st Century

Tourists Vow to Boycott Alaska;
Let's Hope They Keep their Promise

State Agency Seeks Fee to Tap into
the Growing Market for Wildlife Watching

Poachers Out in the Bush Probably Contribute
to Moose Decline

Rebutting Wolf Letters (11-09-03)

Wildlife Corner: Animal Skeletons in a Box (11-09-03)

Alaska Tourism Boycott over Wolf Hunts a
Sign of Sheer Foolishness

Rejection of Wolf Darts Leads to Shooting (11-09-03)

Wolf Control a Sickening Return to Barbarism (11-09-03)

Who's Up, Who's Down (11-09-03)

Stop the War on Wolves,
Call Governor Murkowski

Predator Control a Must for Wildlife
Viewing; not all Tourists Love Wolves

Wolves Maintain Moose Numbers;
Let's Shoot Hunters, not Wolves

Game Board's Predator-Control Decision
will Hurt Small Businesses

Gov. Murkowski's Decision to Go Over
Heads of Voters is Appalling

Board of Game's Wolf Decision Does Not
Represent Majority; Speak Up

Poll: Results as of November 8, 2003

Poll of the Week
"Do You Support Aerial Wolf Hunting
in Alaska as a Means of Predator Control?"

Trapping Part of Peninsula Ecosystem (11-07-03)

Appalled at Wolf Policy (11-07-03)

Sport Hunters Score (11-07-03)

Lack of Notice Nullifies
Some Game Board Action

Treasured Animals Face Murder
Thanks to Governor's Henchmen

State Relocates Bears, Then Decides to Kill Wolves
So We Can Kill Moose

Native Rights Activists Could Learn
from Predator Control Protesters

Remember Human Factors Involved
in Predator Control, Timber Harvests

Error Reopens Discussion on
Nelchina Hun
t (11-07-03)

Notice for Written Testimony on Board of
Game Proposals Will be Redistributed

Kenai Tricks Trash Bears (11-06-03)

Bears in Trash May Nip Wallets (11-06-03)

Let's Be Honest; Predator Control
Headline is Misleading to Readers

Game Board OK's Aerial Wolf Hunts (11-05-03)

Alaska isn't a Game Farm; Game Board Should Leave Wolves Alone (11-05-03)

Board OKs Aerial Wolf Control (11-05-03)

On Line: Trappers Get Ready for Season (11-05-03)

Alaska Authorizes Aerial Wolf Shooting (11-05-03)

Alaska Game Board Approves Aerial Killing of Wolves (11-04-03)

Poll of the Week
"Do You Support Aerial Wolf Hunting
in Alaska as a Means of Predator Control?"
Please VOTE, click here
(poll is located at the right side of the page
) (11-04-03)

Game Board May Review Wolf Control (11-04-03)

Board to Decide on Aerial Wolf Control (11-04-03)

Hunters Try Wolf Killing Once Again (11-04-03)

Game Board Meeting Draws Howls (11-04-03)

Aerial Wolf Hunt Close to Approval (11-03-03)

Wolves in Bullet Proof Vests Protest
Killing from Aircraft

State Doesn't Need Another Wolf War (11-01-03)

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