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December 2003

Wolf Hunting Plan Gets National Attention (12-28-03)

Activists Protest Alaska in NYC (12-28-03)

Group Protests Shooting of Wolves (12-28-03)

Snaring Clinic Stresses Ethics
and Techniques

Humans, Not Wolves, are Predators
Who Hunt Species into Extinction

Boycott New Jersey . . . Save the Bears (12-28-03)

Boycott Plans Don't Pan Out (12-28-03)

Wolf Hunt Opponents Protest in Potomac (12-27-03)

Alaskans Can't Pick and Choose When
They Want Outside Influence

Trappers Donate Furs to Beaver-
Trapping Girl Scouts

All-in-One Solution (12-26-03)

Fish and Wildlife Manages Montana Wolves;
Will Activists Boycott U.S.?

Thinning Overpopulation of Wolves
Makes Logical Biological Sense

Restoring Natural Balance Idea is Baloney;
Management is Inevitable

Christmas Eve in McGrath, Alaska (12-24-03)

Hunters Make Deal in 1998 Moose Case (12-24-03)

Wolves are Dangerous (12-24-03)

Predator Control the Intelligent Option (12-24-03)

Friends of Animals Pads its Pockets,
Doesn't Fund True Conservation

Who's the Enemy -- Wolves, or Us? (12-24-03)

Footprints of Death in Alaska (12-23-03)

Activists Misrepresent Wolf Control
to Tourists

Air or Ground, Result is the Same (12-23-03)

So-Called Friends of Animals Should
Get Their House in Order, Leave Us Be

If Wolf Population Goes Unchecked,
Decline in Moose Goes Unchecked

Candlelight Vigil for Wolves
Reveals a Lack of Priorities

Next Logical Step in Predator Control
is Killing Orcas from Airplanes

Natural Balance Between Predator,
Prey Needs Restoration in Alaska

The Truth Behind Alaska's
Wolf Kill Program

Wildlife Will Suffer (12-20-03)

Need Vs. Want? (12-20-03)

Two Dozen Wolf Protests Planned (12-20-03)

Friends of Animals Launches "Howl-Ins"
for the Wolves of Alaska

Again, It's Time to Correct the
News-Miner's Wild Assertions

Hunting Policy Makes Beautiful State Ugly (12-19-03)

Game Board's Wolf-Kill Decision
Only Part of its Anti-Conservation Agenda

Jenkins, Daily News Miss the Point:
Alaskans Don't Want Aerial Wolf Kill

Wolf Kill is Based on Hobby Science (12-19-03)

Efforts Like State's Wolf-Kill Program
Destroy System of Natural Balance

Murkowski Flying Straight
in Response to Threats on Wolf Control Program

Panel Wraps Bear Attack Review (12-18-03)

Aerial Wolf Hunt: What it Looks Like (12-17-03)

New Petition: Stop the Aerial Slaughter
of Alaska's Wolves!

Protesters and Wolves (12-17-03)

Game Board Expands Wolf Control Program (12-17-03)

There's a Wolf-Like Problem Down Under (12-17-03)

Howl-Ins in the Lower 48 (12-16-03)

Officials Reaffirm Wolf Kills (12-16-03)

Friends of Animals Should Offer
Alternatives to Aerial Wolf Kills

What's Alaska Wildlife Alliance's
Solution to the Wolf Problem?

Study Other States' Mistakes
Before Enacting Wolf Control

What do you make of the Friends of Animals'
upcoming boycott on Alaska tourism?
Go to "Weekly Poll" link: http://www.news-miner.com

Sparing the Lives of 40 Wild Animals
Would Save Big Bucks, Reputation

Wolf Kill's Real Agenda is Enhancing,
Not Restoring, Prey Populations

Locals Who Have Most to Gain,
Lose Make a Difference in McGrath Hunt

Wolves are Not the Enemy,
But Texas-Style Ranch Hunting Is

More Howl-Ins Added (12-15-03)

Wolf Hunting in Alaskans' Best Interest (12-14-03)

Elegant Solution: Dart McGrath Wolves,
Let Them Hunt Chirikof Cattle

Who's Up, Who's Down? (12-14-03)

Maybe Friends of Animals' Feral
Would Like to Take Wolves Home

Please Help Our Wolves
Howl-In / Anchorage

If We Leave it to Gov. Murkowski,
Alaska Will Be Just Like California

Discrediting Non-Hunters by Calling
Their Argument Emotional is Unfair

Our Governor Said What?...(12-13-03)

Animal Rights Extremists are off Track; Let Biologists Manage Game (12-13-03)

How to Hold a Howl-In (12-12-03)

Leave it to Biologists (12-12-03)

Weather Unlucky for Wolf-Shooting
Teams in McGrath

Time to Take on Animal Rights Bullies (12-12-03)

Boycott the Boycott (12-12-03)

Judge Refuses to Reconsider Wolf Ruling (12-12-03)

Wolf Populations Growing Too Big;
Boycott or Not, They Must be Culled

Wolves are Few and Far Between;
Let's Save Them from State Hunts

Wolf Control a Step in Right Direction (12-11-03)

Animal Rights-Led Boycott Will Hurt . . .Eco-Tourism (12-11-03)

Murkowski: State Won't Back off Wolf Program (12-11-03)

Friends of Animals Needs to Stay Out of
Alaska's Business

Wolves Once Again Prey on Ketchikan Dogs (12-11-03)

Governor Stands Firm on Aerial Wolf Control Plans (12-11-03)

Simple Answer (12-10-03)

Time to Stop the Slaughter of Wolves (12-10-03)

Man, Not Wolves, to Blame for Problems (12-10-03)

Tourists and Wolves -- Who Needs Them?
Valley Doesn't

You'd Know That Wolves Kill Moose
and Waste Meat

Howl-Ins Set in Five Cities(12-10-03)

Weather Puts Off Wolf Kill (12-10-03)

Wolf Policy Makes Headlines Far Away(12-09-03)

Tourism Boycott May Open the Way
to Win State Back from Outside

Extreme Behavior(12-08-03)

Wolves Got Overly Politicized;
Bush Dwellers Need Moose Meat

Aerial Predator Control Works Best
to Keep Game Populations High

Let's Boycott the Boycot (12-08-03)

Howl Over Wolves Misguided (12-07-03)

With His Policies on Wolves, Governor
Tampers with Ecosystem

Group Takes Aim at Wolf Kill (12-07-03)

Alaska State Chamber of Commerce Supports
State's Position on Wolf Control Program

Yes, We Need Aerial Dog Control in Anchorage(12-06-03)

Judge Allows Aerial Wolf Control(12-05-03)

Wolf Kill Clears Hurdle(12-05-03)

Judge Rejects Aerial Wolf Hunting Injunction(12-05-03)

Judge Approves Lethal Wolf Control Program (12-05-03)

Wolf Advocates Snarl, as Predator-
Control Plan Upheld

Judge OKs Plan to Kill Wolves (12-05-03)

Activist Issues Boycott Warning(12-05-03)

Wolf Wars About More Than Wolves (12-05-03)

Decision Expected in Lethal Wolf Control Program (12-05-03)

Whitehorse Plans Snares after Wolves Nab Pet Dogs(12-05-03)

Bull Moose Season(12-05-03)

Animal Rights Group Preparing for Possible
Tourism Boycott

Caribou Hunt to Open Saturday (12-04-03

Plan to Protect More than Game Species (12-04-03)

No One Budges at Wolf Debate (12-04-03)

An Apology to the Wolves (12-03-03)

Legalities, Not Emotion, to Settle Wolf Hunting Case (12-03-03)

Wolf Control Contested (12-03-03)

Group Presents Case to Ground Wolf Shootings (12-03-03)

Judge Set to Decide on Aerial Wolf Hunt (12-03-03)

Wildlife Officials Ponder Caribou (12-02-03)

DNR Raids Fish and Game Turf (12-02-03)

Alaska's Wildlife Decisions Made by Board of Game,
Not Department

Praise for Wolf Ruling (12-01-03)

Non-hunters Shouldn't Be on Board of Game;
Aerial Hunting is Valid

Cat Rescued from Leg Trap in North Pole(12-01-03)

Predator Control(12-01-03)

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