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Wolves in Bullet Proof Vests Protest Killing from Aircraft (10-31-03)

State Doesn't Need Another Wolf War (11-01-03)

Garbage Bears are at it Again (10-21-03)

Brown Bear Sticking Around Eagle River Makes Residents Edgy (10-16-03)

Treadwell Cared for Future of Bears (10-16-03)

Collisions Take Toll on Bears (10-13-03)

Biologist Believes Errors Led to Attack(10-10-03)

Treadwell: 'Get out here. I'm getting killed'(10-9-03)

Wildlife Author Killed, Eaten by Bears he Loved (10-8-03)

Hillside Coyotes Kill Pets (10-6-03)

Fortymile Caribou, all 43,000, Enter Chena River Valley (10-1-03)

ANWR Bears Prey Upon Musk Oxen (9-29-03)

More Moose Survive after Bears Removed (9-25-03)

Biologist Slams Fort Richardson Fence Plan (9-14-03)

Pigs Take Residence in Fortress of Bears (9-8-03)

Bears, Hairs, Snares Mean Detective Work (8-31-03)

Most Alaskans Don't Hunt and Oppose Bear Baiting,
So Dump It

Pigs to Test Tanks as a Future Site for Bears (8-28-03)

Fairbanks Biologist Takes on Baiting Ban (bears) (8-18-03)

Biologist uses GPS to Track Relocated Garbage Bear (8-15-03)

Biologist Takes on Bait Ban (bears) (8-15-03)

This Sounds Familiar (bears) (8-14-03)

American Tourists do too Have a Say on What Happens in our State (8-13-03)

Alaska and its Wildlife are Beautiful; Please Keep Wolves for our Next Visit (8-3-03)

No Bear Hunting on the Kenai -- Too Many Dead (7-30-03)

Wildlife Initiatives Unconstitutional (7-28-03)

Officials' 'Bear First, People Second' Policy Needs to Change Pronto (7-25-03)

Don't Exterminate Animals for Acting Like Animals (7-25-03)

Bear Woes? The Solution is Gunfire (7-25-03)

Simply Put, Using Bait to Lure Bears to Their Deaths is Not "Fair Chase" (7-21-03)

What's Unfair About Bear Baiting is How Initiative Will Reach Ballot (7-20-03)

Medred Analogies Hide Real Issue: Bear Baiting is Unsafe, Unethical (7-20-03)

Predator Relocation Working (7-19-03)

All Alaskans, Not Just Hunters, Have a Say in Wildlife Decisions (7-18-03)

Stop "Land-and-Shoot" (7-17-03)

Budget Cuts Stifle Rural Hunters, Fishers (7-12-03)

What is Alternative to Bear Baiting? It's Effective Game Management (7-12-03)

Three Arguments Against Bear Baiting Don't Hold Much Water (7-7-03)

Critics of Bear Baiting Aim at Voters (7-7-03)

Nothing Wrong with Bear Baiting; Whole Issue is Just Anti-Hunting (7-7-03)

Baiting is Traditional Form of Bear Hunting (7-6-03)

Hunter Adds GPS to Outfit Bear Bait Station Set in Illegal Location (7-5-03)

Murkowski Signs Wildlife Bill (7-3-03)

In Favor of Aerial Wolf Hunting? Then Let's Shoot Speeding Motorists (7-3-03)

Hunter-Trapper Simply Disgusted by Unscientific Aerial Wolf Hunting (7-3-03)

Rare Animals Cool and Beautiful Only When Alive, Not After Hunting (6-29-03)

Bear Baiting (6-27-03)

Relocated McGrath Bears Return Home (6-24-03)

Forces Push Bear-Bait Ban (6-24-03)

Several McGrath Bears Return Home (6-23-03)

Bulls Join Protected Chisana Caribou (6-23-03)

Bear Baiting Could Go to Vote Application for initiative Certified (6-23-03)

Simple Rules Reduce Chances for Humans to Harm Area Wildlife (6-22-03)

Aerial Wolf Hunts (6-22-03)

Leman Certifies Bear Baiting Petition (6-19-03)

Governor OKs Predator Control Bill (6-19-03)

Governor OKs Wolf Hunting in Planes (6-19-03)

Murkowski Set to Allow Wolf Control From the Air (6-18-03)

'Friendly' Highway Grizzlies Concern State Biologists (6-15-03)

Young Rears Up at Idea of no Bait (6-13-03)

Others' Opinions on Hunting, Predator Control Can't be Bullied (6-10-03)

Darts, Not Death (6-8-03)

When Bears Kill Moose Calves in our City, We Gain a Different Perspective (6-6-03)

Real Hunters Aren't Only in Woods But Getting Involved in the Politics (6-6-03)

Wildlife Alliance Demonstrates its Ignorance of Game Management (6-3-03)

Predator Control Measures Assault Alaskan's Common Sense of Ethics (6-1-03)

Hunters Not Willing to Get Out in Nature Should Give Up Their Guns (6-1-03)

Let Denali Animals Roam Free (5-29-03)

Maybe Meddling Greenies Will Visit and Take Wolves Home with Them (5-24-03)

House OKs Latest Predator Control Bill (5-21-03)

Predator Control Bill Passes Senate (5-20-03)

Nothing's Changed; Fish and Wildlife Protection Needs to Stay Separate (5-20-03)

Alaskans Don't Want Aerial Wolf Hunts (5-20-03)

Wildlife Biologist Trading Caribou for Wolverines (5-19-03)

Governor Murkowski Pans Latest Predator-Control Legislation (5-13-03)

Aerial Wolf Hunting Nixed by Voters, and Lawmakers Should Honor That (5-12-03)

Murkowski Pans Latest Predator Control Legislation (5-11-03)

Governor Says No on Wolf Bill (5-11-03)

Governor Finds Predator-Control Bill 'Unacceptable' (5-10-03)

Proposed Wolf Control Programs Reflect Poor Science and Poor Policy (5-10-03)

Senate's Latest Wolf Control Bill Caters to Special Interests (5-10-03)

A Good Move Against Predators (5-9-03)

Why Risk Another Tourist Boycott with Wolf Policy? (5-8-03)

Let Nature Work (5-6-03)

Bills Make Sense (5-6-03)

In the Way of Humans (5-6-03)

Wolf Harvest is Already High (5-6-03)

Aerial Hunting of Wolves is Barbaric (5-5-03)

Wolves Lack Weapons of Mass Destruction (5-5-03)

Predator Debate Resumes (5-4-03)

Predator Control Plan Goes Against Voters' Wishes; it is Ill-Conceived (5-3-03)

Call Your Legislator: Wolf Hunts Threaten to Violate Voters' Will (5-3-03)

Limited Measures Won't Threaten Viability of Alaska Wolves (5-3-03)

Kill all the Wolves (5-2-03)

State's War on Wolves (5-2-03)

Alaska Supreme Court Won't Hear Tok Wolf Trapping Case (5-1-03)

Wolf Killing is Bad for Tourism (4-30-03)

Cab Hits Wolf in Valley (4-30-03)

Tell Your Legislator to Respect Votes of Public, Oppose Wolf Hunting Bills (4-29-03)

Wolves Need Help (4-29-03)

If We're Going to Kill Wolves Around McGrath, Let's Make it Cost-Effective (4-26-03)

McGrath Wolf Kills Fall Short (4-25-03)

Senator Wants Board to Have More Authority on Wolf Control (4-22-03)

Measure Would Grant Game Board Authority Predator Control (4-20-03)

Concerns About Predator Control are Valid, But Writer Makes Error (4-19-03)

Game Management is Best Tempered with Social Science (4-19-03)

Proposal Boosts Game Board's Power (4-18-03)

Comparison Between Wolves, Plants was Faulty, Deserved More Research (4-18-03)

Wolf-Tree Comparison is Flawed; Hawaii Prizes Native Flora, Fauna (4-18-03)

Extremist Reply on Predator Control Proves Point of Recent Column (4-16-03)

Wildlife Viewing Bill Lurches Forward (4-13-03)

Hickel Was Right; Nature Shouldn't Run Wild (4-13-03)

Growing Population, Not Wolves, is to Blame for Fewer Moose (4-12-03)

Wolf Control Will Lead to Extinction (4-12-03)

Legislature, Board of Game Refuse to Listen to Voters on Wolf Control (4-10-03)

Governor's Wolf Plan Criticized (4-9-03)

Hate Predator Control? Feed Wolves (4-9-03)

Help Stop Anti-Wolf Legislation in Alaska (4-9-03)

Governor Takes Heat from Hunters Expecting Aerial Wolf Control (4-8-03)

State Must Eliminate Predators to Ensure Survival of Game Animals (4-6-03)

Hillside Pets Fall Prey to Canines (4-6-03)

Murkowski Takes Helicopters Out of Mix in McGrath (4-4-03)

Predator Control Backers Clearly Reside Lower on Evolutionary Scale (4-4-03)

Copters, State Nixed for Wolf Control (4-3-03)

Murkowski Wants Locals to Kill Wolves (4-3-03)

Governor Discounts Alaskans' Opinions When it Comes to Predator Control (4-1-03)

Governor is in a Full-Tilt Charge (3-31-03)

Predator Control (3-29-03)

Tourism Boycott? No Problem (3-29-03)

Instead of Exterminating Wolves, Let's Limit Non-Resident Hunters (3-29-03)

Our Zoo Can't Obtain Wolves; How Can We Discuss Predator Control? (3-29-03)

Bill 'a tool' to Manage Wolves (3-25-03)

As Long as Alaska Kills its Wolves, This Tourist's Money Goes Elsewhere (3-24-03)

Predator Control Headline Biased; Newspaper Should Remain Neutral (3-24-03)

Fish and Game Takes Step Toward Wolf Control (3-23-03)

Let's Think About Culling Predators, the Ones Doing All the Damage (3-23-03)

Biologists Return Fire at Murkowski (3-23-03)

To Preserve Predators and Prey, We Must Stop the Political Pendulum (3-23-03)

Let's Take a More Humane Approach To All Those Pesky Moose Predators (3-22-03)

Fish and Game Spotting Flights Kick Off Predator Control (3-22-03)

Narrow-minded Game Board Believes the Only Good Wolf is a Dead Wolf (3-21-03)

Murkowski Selects Duffy as Commissioner of Fish and Game (3-19-03)

Boards of Fish, Game Submit Nominees (3-19-03)

Let Nature Do Its Job and Leave Money Out of Predator Control (3-18-03)

Game Board Should Not Allow Those with 'Non-consumptive' Agendas (3-17-03)

Who's Up Who's Down (3-16-03)

Predators Face Another Hard Hit (3-15-03)

Over the Years, Alaska Forgot How to Manage its Wildlife Resources (3-15-03)

Game Board Proposes Nelchina Wolf Hunt (3-15-03)

My Turn: Fish, Wildlife Deserve Protection (3-14-03)

Board Revives Land, Shoot Wolf Hunting (3-14-03)

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad... (3-13-03)

Animal Rights Claims are Appalling (3-13-03)

Board OKs Predator Control (3-13-03)

War on Wolves, Bears Unneeded (3-13-03)

Game Board OKs Predator Control (3-13-03)

Board Rejects Bear, Wolf Hunts in Chugach Park (3-13-03)

Game Board Rejects Bear, Wolf Hunts in Chugach Park (3-13-03)

Board of Game Postpones Predator Control Discussion (3-10-03)

Will Governor Suppress Science for Politics? (3-09-03)

Who's Up Who's Down (3-08-03)

Wildlife Management Set by Statute, Not by the Alaska Constitution (3-08-03)

22 Habitat Staffers Get Pink Slips (3-08-03)

Boycott Promised if State Approves Predator Control (3-07-03)

Banish Uninformed Enemies of Nature to a Big City Outside (3-07-03)

Group Promises Protest over Predator Control (3-07-03)

Crowd Supports Predator Control (3-07-03)

Tourism Boycott (3-06-03)

Killing Wolves, Moving Bears Not Great Wildlife Management (3-06-03)

You Want Predator Control in McGrath? Start With the Humans (3-06-03)

Killing Wolves, Moving Bears Not Great Wildlife Management (3-06-03)

Hungry Wolves Killing Dogs in Ketchikan Area (3-06-03)

Predator Control Opinions Welcome (3-06-03)

People Need to Speak Up, Voice Beliefs Regarding Predator Control (3-05-03)

Careful What You Believe; Haber Pushes Animal Activist Agenda (3-01-03)

Game, Fish Boards Can't Agree on a New Commissioner (3-01-03)

Down with Wolves! (3-01-03)

Factors Limiting Moose at Low Density in Unit 19D East,
and Response of Moose to Wolf Control and Increased Bear Harvest
(Feb 2003)

Alaska's Wolves in Danger (2-27-03)

Friends of Wolves (2-27-03)

Wolves of Alaska - Boycott? (2-27-03)

Murkowski's Plan Will Cripple Habitat Division (2-27-03)

Wildlife Management System Great (2-27-03)

Predator Control Not Good Science (2-26-03)

Board of Game's Management Problems Begin with its Name (2-25-03)

Hunters Wrongly Blame Predators for Errors in Game Management (2-25-03)

If State Starts Farming Moose Near McGrath, What's Next? (2-25-03)

Predator Control Can Create Strange Hunting Bedfellows (2-23-03)

Survey Explores Opinions on Nelchina Game Management (2-23-03)

Let 'em Boycott (2-23-03)

Don't Gripe about Alaska's Wildlife Management; Florida's is Far Worse (2-22-03)

Want a Massacre? Check out our Killing of Salmon, not Wolves (2-21-03)

Vacation in Alaska?  Not After Hearing About Predator Control (2-17-03)

Who's Up - Who's Down (2-16-03)

Governor's Refusal to Listen to Fish and Game Experts is Mind-Boggling (2-15-03)

Cantwell Moose Fall to Wolves (2-13-03)

Murkowski Game Board Fails Diversity Test (2-13-03)

Warmer Winter Weather Affecting Kenai Peninsula Wildlife (2-13-03)

Board May Reverse Wolf Protection (2-12-03)

Wolf Control on Fast Track (2-12-03)

My Turn: Re-balancing the Game Board (2-12-03)

McGrath Predators in State's Sights (2-12-03)

Controversial Appointee Distorts What Critics Say (2-10-03)

Wolf-Control Issues in Limbo, with Time Running Out (2-7-03)

Silly Talk -- Sense and Nonsense (2-6-03)

Gov. Murkowski Brings Integrity and Thought Back to Board of Game (2-6-03)

Wolf Control Programs Poor Policy but
Likely Under New Board of Game

Hypocrites and Carpetbaggers Want
to Influence Management of Wildlife

Diverse Board is Best for Wildlife (1-26-03)

Game Board Appointments are ...Good Choices (1-24-03)

Game Board is Skewed (1-23-03)

Letters to the Editor / Juneau Empire (1-20-03)

New Board of Game Appointments Represent
Limited View of Wildlife

Governor Ponders Wolf Control (1-19-03)

Game Board Focus Shifts to Hunters, Trappers (1-18-03)

Murkowski Game Board Heavy on Hunting Advocates (1-18-03)

Murkowski Names 6 to Board of Game (1-17-03)

How Will Governor Handle Wolves? (12-19-02)

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