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Current Events in Alaska
ARCHIVE 2003 to 2011

Bad Wildlife Management in Alaska Editorials / Opinions
In the Company of Moose for 32 Years Editorials / Opinions
Predator Control: Alaska Grizzlies not Endangered Yet Editorials / Opinions
Does science back up Alaska's policy of killing grizzly bears? Editorials / Opinions
Should the Feds list an Alaska wolf as threatened or endangered?s Editorials / Opinions
What Do Bears and Wolves in Yellowstone National Park Do When No One's Watching? News / Press Releases
Wolf Wars Exile Gringo the Hybrid News / Press Releases
Alaska / People Who Bought Wolves and Wolf Hybrids Charged News / Press Releases
Three Charged with Illegal Possession of Wolf Hybrids News / Press Releases
State of Alaska Serves Search Warrants at Wolf Country USA News / Press Releases
Alaska State Troopers Investigate Possible Hybrid Wolf Business News / Press Releases
State’s Snaring and Killing of Grizzlies is an “Experiment”… to See How Much Wildlife Carnage Alaskans Will Bear Editorials / Opinions
Bombshell!   Alaska Loses Representation On Cook Inlet Beluga Recovery Science Panel Because ADF&G Scientists Can't Tell The Truth Editorials / Opinions
Rally Truth Editorials / Opinions
Lousy Hobby Editorials / Opinions
Citizens Need to Act to Base State Predator Control More on Science Editorials / Opinions
'Tase-and-release' wildlife? Don't try it in Alaska News / Press Releases
Afraid for Wolves Editorials / Opinions
Probation Violation Hearing for Game Hunter Who Shot Romeo Delayed News / Press Releases
Wolf Killer Back in Court as Judge Weighs Facts of Legal Filing, Previous Criminal History News / Press Releases
No Fear - ADF&G Kills Habituated Wolves in Anchorage Editorials / Opinions
Statistics Don't Back Up State's Ongoing Vendetta Against Wolves Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Clash Over Resources and Rights Heats Up News / Press Releases
A Bad Predator Control Plan Editorials / Opinions
Wolves Exterminated on Anchorage Military Bases Editorials / Opinions
Outsiders Take Alaskan's Game Editorials / Opinions
State of Alaska Lowers Estimate of Western Arctic Caribou News / Press Releases
State of Alaska Kills 9 Wolves on Military Base News / Press Releases
“The Cora and Corey Show“ --- The Unqualified Leading the Untrained in Alaska Fish and Game Editorials / Opinions
Naturally Editorials / Opinions
Wolf Hybrids: The Call of the Semi-Wild Editorials / Opinions
Unimak Wolf Decision Editorials / Opinions
Wolf-Control Advocates Need to Quit Whining & Do Their Homework Editorials / Opinions
Game Board Extends Wolf Hunting, Trapping on Unimak Island News / Press Releases
Alaska Fish & Game/Guiding Interests Cry “Subsistence” At Fed’s Unimak Wolf Decision Editorials / Opinions
Federal Agency Reneges on Unimak Island Wolf Kill News / Press Releases
Sarah Palin's Board of Game - The Games Continue Under Parnell Editorials / Opinions
Aerial Wolf Kill Number Limited by Snow, Lack of Daylight News / Press Releases
Feds OK Aerial Wolf Hunt on Alaska's Unimak Island News / Press Releases
Anchorage Committee Ejects Ex-Member from Meeting News / Press Releases
Hunter Sentenced in Killing of Wolf Thought to be 'Romeo' News / Press Releases
Anchorage Fish & Game Advisory MeetingAnchorage Baptist Temple Children’s Ministry Gym Editorials / Opinions
Parnell’s Choice Threatens Anti-Management Legacy News / Press Releases
Subsistence Fishermen Oppose New Fish and Game Head News / Press Releases
Wolf Size Depends on When They Last Ate News / Press Releases
Resume Inflation Won't Help Acting Fish and Game Commissioner Editorials / Opinions
Campbell Officially Named Alaska Fish and Game Commissioner News / Press Releases
Political Science at Alaska Fish & Game Editorials / Opinions
A Wolf By Any Other Name May Be Forgotten Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Community Asks for Help with Aggressive Wolves News / Press Releases
Hungry Wolves Spark Fear in Southwest Alaska Village News / Press Releases
Judge Rules Against Author of Wolf Memoir News / Press Releases
Contrary to Popular Belief, Sarah Palin Isn't Mama Grizzly's Best Friend Editorials / Opinions
We Can Live Safely with Wolves Editorials / Opinions
Outside Hunters Editorials / Opinions
Spirit of Romeo Rises Over Old Roaming Grounds News / Press Releases
Memo to Gov. Parnell: Change is Needed in Alaska’s Wildlife Management Editorials / Opinions
Dog Walker Photographs Rare Encounter News / Press Releases
Hunter's Plea Hearing Moved to Wednesday News / Press Releases

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