Hypocrites and Carpetbaggers want to
Influence Management of Wildlife

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / Published 1-27-03


Upon reading your editorial regarding the Game Board appointments (Jan. 21), I now have confirmed the presence of the ultra-liberal/left-wing faction here in my home state of Alaska. Your sniveling about tilting the board toward the hunting faction is disingenuous at best, as you were the proponent in the last decade of doing the very same thing -- in the direction of the "anti" persuasion! Apparently hypocrisy is in the eye of the beholder.

Bottom line is this: You and your parent company support the wildlife viewing concept over all others, regardless of your transparent attempt to divide rural and urban hunters or trapping lifestyles. This carpet bagging drive to influence sound wildlife management is a disgrace to the people who know the real considerations that game management brings to the table.

I am genuinely disappointed that you have succumbed to the anti-hunting mantra that we see prevalent in many of our sister states, which also includes your editorial on banning bear baiting, written last fall by Matt Zencey. Of course, he was rehired by the Daily News after working for the Alaska Rain Forest Campaign, so why should anyone be surprised?

Shame on you!

-- Brian Wakefield


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