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Wolves, Yada Yada

Letters / Anchorage Press / January 16, 2005

I hope the people of Alaska are aware that "aerial hunting" is taking place in an effort to kill, no, "slaughter" 900+ of your beautiful wolves.  I cannot understand how the people of Alaska can allow the Board of Game & Fisheries and Governor Murkowski to get away with this cruel and inhumane way to all but eliminate this magnificent animal.  I am appalled that "aerial" as well as "canned" hunts are allowed to occur in these United States.  This is not hunting, it's a slaughter and should be outlawed not allowed.  The wolf mates for life (more than can be said for man) and should be studied not "killed".  In other areas of our great country wolves are being reintroduced with great success and Alaska is on a road to eliminating this beautiful and misunderstood animal. 


Constance Brady / Las Vegas

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