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Come to Assistance of Alaska Wolves Hunted from Planes

Letters / The Telegraph / nashuatelegraph.com / January 17, 2005

I would like to bring to people's attention the fact that our nation's wolves are being hunted aerially in Alaska.

That means that hunters are allowed to chase a wolf or a pack of wolves in an aircraft, chase them down until they are out of strength, and kill them. I think it is a cruel, inhumane and barbaric practice that should be stopped.

It's estimated that about 900 wolves will be legally killed by air this year. Under this program anyone with a trapper's license can kill any male, female or even wolf pups!

Why is it legal? Some people think wolves should be killed so they do not decrease the population of moose and caribou for sporting purposes.

If you think this practice should be stopped, too, there are many things you can do.

Some of them are: a) Adopt a wolf for only $25; b) Sign petitions (many can be found on-line) or create them; and/or c) Do what I'm doing - make people aware of what is happening to these innocent animals any way you can.

There is a lot more you can do, too. For more information, you can go to www.alaskawolfkill.com

Thank you.

Emily Matthews / Age 13 / New Hampshire

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