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Oh, Beeswax

Letters / Anchorage Press / January 22, 2005

In response to Las Vegas resident Constance Brady's letter ("Wolves, Yada Yada," January 13-19): Yet another person from the Lower 48 who thinks they know what's best for us here in Alaska! It's a classic example of what I believe is a crisis in the mentality of American society today: sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Brady says we are "all but eliminating" our wolf population. I have a feeling she underestimates just how many wolves we have, but I digress. I do not like aerial hunting. I wish there were a different way to deal with the wolves, but until I come up with a better idea for protecting the animals in affected areas from the many harmful effects of overpopulation, I'll just stay out of it. Brady, however, is making the assumption that she knows more about what's best for Alaskan wildlife than local Fish & Game professionals who have been formally educated in the field and make it their career. This seems ridiculous - not unlike if someone in this country were to try to tell people halfway around the world how they should deal with cultural diversity. O-oh, wait.

There's a very practical, old tradition that unfortunately seems to be forgotten these days in far more instances than Las Vegas vs. Alaska Fish & Game. I think it's time people went back to it: it's called minding your own business.

Sara Spanial / Anchorage

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