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Wolf-Kill Program is a Disgrace to Alaska and its Natural Stewards

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / January 25, 2005

The wolf-kill programs in McGrath and the Nelchina basin are flukes. Wolves taken have been outside the designated areas and were taken through unlawful practices. Tony Zellers and his companion, David Haeg, represent the gang of uneducated liars let to kill the majestic wonders of Alaska's wilderness.

It is the growing population of the rural towns and increasing demands for moose that are causing us to eradicate nature's top biologist (the wolf). The wolf regulates any given environment, creating a natural balance that man could never begin to match. These rural areas are trying to create an unnatural environment overflowing with moose. The wolf-kill program is a disgrace to this state and is killing the true essence of this vast wilderness.

Jesse Ward / Soldotna

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