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The Wolves Ate Them!

Letters / Anchorage Press / February 3, 2005

Regarding the American Zoo and Aquarium Association: Who the hell are you to tell Alaska about our elephant?

Our elephant has been doing fine here in Alaska. Where do you see any problem with that?

Check a history book and our museums and you will discover that wooly mammoths (elephants) roamed the frigid Arctic and you can still find their remains in the frozen tundra today!

And you may ask, where did they go?

The wolves ate them! And that is why we support wolf control here in our state!

What we do have a problem with is an invasion of liberal Outsiders that want to change everything that we love about Alaska!

Please feel free to relocate all of them you want, back to LA and Portland!

You are welcome to visit us, but shut the hell up!

Robert W. Hayes / Anchorage


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