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It Really Doesn't Matter if They . . . Keep Howling

Voice of the Times / Anchorage Daily News / February 5, 2005

Apparently undeterred by the smashing failure of its last tourism boycott of Alaska to protest predator control, Friends of Animals has launched what it is calling a "virtual howl-in."

The Darien, Conn.-based group says it has organized "howl-ins" in "North America, and in Germany, Japan and Great Britain" to protest predator control. You've probably seen some them on television news. They feature a couple of folks howling, with passersby looking at them in astonishment.

Alaska's predator control programs are aimed at killing 500 to 600 wolves in five areas to improve moose populations. So far, in four areas - the Nelchina Basin, the west side of Cook Inlet, McGrath and Aniak - 93 wolves have been killed. Predator control is expected to begin in the fifth area, near Tok, sometime soon.

Friends of Animals wants to collect 28,000 signatures on the Internet for postcards to be delivered to Gov. Frank Murkowski.

We think the group is barking up the wrong tree, but who are we to complain? In their last boycott of Alaska's $2 billion tourism industry, tourism actually increased by a sizable amount.

We are hoping the group has the same success, or even more, this time around.


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