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Fish and Game Panel Supports Hillside Moose Hunt

Jason Moore / KTUU-TV / February 16, 2005

Anchorage, Alaska - A proposed moose hunt for the Anchorage Hillside cleared a hurdle Wednesday night. The Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee voted in support of the proposal.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game wants the hunt to help control the moose population. The hunt would allow the use of shotguns and black-powder muzzle-loaders, and would happen in a Valley near the Glenn Alps parking area in Chugach State Park.

The committee supported the idea by a vote of 7-1.

"Whether we like it or not, we have to balance things we ask for with things we give on this committee, and we're right on the line on this one. And we just got to think about that," said committee member Ryan York. "I just have a little bit of concern over the overall public perception of this."

"We aren't reducing the moose numbers," said committee chairman Steven Flory. "We have moose on schools yards. We have moose at bus stops. It's a matter of time before we have a moose and an elementary student in a fight and the elementary student is not going to win."

The proposal now goes to the state Board of Game in March. It also needs the approval of Chugach State Park, because firearms are not allowed in the proposed hunt area.

Also, Tuesday night, the board voted not to support opening additional areas to hunting in and around the McNeil River Game Sanctuary.


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