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Most City Residents Don't Hunt;
Game Laws Represent Desires of Few

Letters  / Anchorage Daily News / February 23, 2005

Fair chase -- not today. Voter's rights -- not today. The Board of Shame is a kangaroo court of hunters, trappers and Safari Club medal honorees. These members criticize Anchorage people as animal lovers and pansies. Actually, we are patsies.

We pay taxes to support the rest of the state, and my tax dollars are better spent keeping wolves alive where they can be enjoyed by all.

This is not a cull; this is shooting the best of the best wolves from planes. For what? To make for an easier hunt. Very few of us are hunters. This is a policy for the few. Might makes right to these political appointees. Hunters and trappers are extractors who for a couple bucks kill our resources for their freezer. There is not one person to represent the majority views on this Board of Nazis.

As species are slaughtered worldwide, our children will cry and curse our generation for the annihilation of our mammals by a few self-centered arrogant males.

Tom Houser / Eagle River


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