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Toklat Alpha Female Wolf Killed

John Toppenberg / Alaska Wildlife Alliance / February 24, 2005

It is with sincere sadness that we are sending news of the trapping death of the alpha female of the world famous Toklat wolf pack.  She is the wolf standing in front of the moose in this picture.  For any that may not know, this is the most scientifically studied, photographed, and viewed wolf pack in the world.  The very survival of this family group is in question, which is why we are asking for your help.


We are indebted to Leo and Dorothy Keeler for the use of this picture,
and their tireless work on behalf of Alaska's wolves

Other members of this family group (pack) are in grave danger of being trapped when they return to the area where their alpha female was killed because this is an active trap-line.  The likelihood that they will return to this area is extremely high.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has the authority to put in place an emergency order, closing this area to trapping and hunting.  The area is within a few hundred feet of the northeast boundary of the Denali National Park buffer zone.

Biologist Gordon Haber, Ph.D., is in his 40th year of scientific study of this pack.  He observed from the air this breeding (alpha) female being removed from the traps she was caught in.  The trapper reported that she was still alive when he approached and that he could hear the other family group members howling.  The trapper then shot what many feel was the world's most important wolf, from both a scientific and watchable wildlife perspective.

Haber attempted to work with the trapper, trying to get him to remove his other traps from the area.  Despite valiant efforts he was unsuccessful.

Haber has identified the area that needs an emergency closure, roughly the unprotected area from Savage River east to the Parks Highway.  This area is in the middle of the most ungulate rich winter habitat available in this region, which is why it serves as a magnet for both wolves and trappers.

If you would like further details Dr. Haber has prepared an excellent five page summary available a


PLEASE send a brief email to the following, and call Denali National Park at 907-683-2294, or FAX them at 907-683-9617.

In your letter be sure to identify the general area and make reference to the specific area needing closure as defined by Dr. Gordon Haber in his email to both Wayne Regelin and Mike Fleagle.

Wayne Regelin, Acting Commissioner

Send e-mail to:   c/o kathy_hughes@fishgame.state.ak.us

Ms. Hughes is the commissioner's secretary

(907) 465-4100

Mike Fleagle, Chairman of the AK. Board of Game

Send e-mail to:   c/o: landa_baily@fishgame.state.ak.us

Ms. Baily is the Ex. Director of the Board of Game

Last and perhaps most important, is to pass this message on to every person and organization that cares about wildlife!

You are also welcome to contact me at john@akwildlife.org, or 907-277-9819.

John Toppenberg
Director / Alaska Wildlife Alliance


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