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We 'Stupid' Alaskans Can Do Without People Like Moran -- Good Riddance

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 26, 2005

I read Scott Moran's letter dated Feb. 14 with a big grin on my face ("Man who saved wildlife from traps could move from hunting lifestyle,"). He states in his letter that he is happy that he has left Alaska, a state with "ignorant people" with "stupid mentalities," and has now moved to Vermont.

Unless I'm mistaken, Scott Moran, for those of you who aren't aware, is the same person who lived in Girdwood who wrote a letter to the editor a few months ago explaining how he broke the law by scaring off a moose that a hunter was about to lawfully shoot, because it would have offended his relatives who were visiting Alaska while on vacation ("Hunter targeting moose near road left visitors with bad memories," Oct. 4).

Another bunny hugger/tree hugger has left the state. If only more would follow.

Bill Schorr / Anchorage


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