Concerns About Predator Control are Valid,
But Writer Makes Error

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 19, 2003


In Victoria Faeo's Compass piece on wolf culling ("Wolf control will lead to extinction," April 12), she supported her argument in part by stating, "Evidence for this exists in all of the states of the Lower 48, where natural, viable populations of wolves are nonexistent."

This is an incorrect statement. In Minnesota there is a very natural, viable population of approximately 2,600 wolves. Minnesota has always had wolves, even in times of extirpation. Minnesota also supplied wolves to Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through dispersal, a very natural occurrence. Other natural, viable populations occur on Isle Royale, Mich., in Lake Superior and in the northwest corner of Montana.

Victoria has a valid argument, but she must back it up with factual information to support it.

-- Jessica Edberg / Ely, Minn.

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