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Trees Don't Grow Back?

Viewpoints / Sitnews / Ketchikan AK / February 27, 2005

I have to Ask Ms. Fraley why she thinks that trees do not grow back? Quote: "Trees grow back?! Take a peek down here in Southeast Alaska at the marred mountainsides that look like a dog that had mange. And try explaining to your visiting friends from Australia that it was clear cut 20 YEARS ago, but, oh, SOMEDAY it'll all grow back!!!"

After being involved in the logging and construction industry here on Prince of Wales Island for almost 45 years and after buying a "Logged" piece of property that is completely overgrown with timber, I feel that the trees must grow back! Ms Fraley could you please walk out into any area that has been logged and check for the rest of us and please let us know if there are any new trees?

Maybe just maybe I am wrong and all the timber cutting that has occurred in the last half century and more in southeastern Alaska has turned this area into a desert but if that is so could you please pass that information on to the weatherman I am sure he would like to change his forecast as well.

Thank you Mr. William S. Brehm for your concern about our wolf program. We have some really well educated people taking care of that as well and we will save a few wolves for your camera! Is there anything we can do for you in your state? Maybe help you remove some of your worn out highways so that your spotted toad won't get run over by the cars? If there is, please give us a call. OH and if you don't want to come to Alaska that is OK with us... we like peace and quiet!

Ronald C. Currit  /  Thorne Bay, AK


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