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Bunny-Huggers Need to Chill Out, Chow Down on Granola, and Depart

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 3, 2005

Bill Sherwonit ("Wake up! Let's halt predator control," Feb. 5) claims that the goal is to make state lands predator-free, that bears and wolves are vermin (or that's why they're being killed), and that Alaskans are asleep, uninformed or apathetic, just to quote a few of his inaccuracies. Alaskans are probably more alert, involved, better informed and far less gullible than ever. Bill's letter ("Moose hunt would solve nothing but would create more problems," Feb. 14) confirms he really is "a wolf- and bear-loving pagan." Bill, go eat a granola bar, hug a bunny and go back to sleep.

Scott Moran ("Man who saved wildlife from traps could move from hunting lifestyle," Feb. 14) advocates breaking the law to save animals. Thank you, Scott, for moving East.

Art Greenwalt says the Game Board's only interest is killing ("Board of Game doesn't manage wildlife; it manages their death," Feb. 17). I didn't vote for Gov. Frank Murkowski, but he was correct in his choices for the Board of Game. Hunters and trappers will make sure there are plenty of animals left for wildlife viewers. Even wolves. "Avowed conservationists" do not compromise, they merely muddy the waters with innuendo.

Robert W. Meier / Anchorage


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