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Sadly, Many Hunt for Pleasure of Shooting,
Not for Subsistence

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 1, 2005

Regarding "Nelchina hunting reforms on table," Feb. 21:

It is not subsistence hunting to drive up in a motor home, camp in the parking lot and ride around on a wheeler until a caribou comes along. However, just because you live within range of a supermarket should not make you unworthy!

We live outside of Palmer. We heat with wood and raise a garden and a few chickens. We catch fish and hunt moose and caribou. This is a lot of work. However, we do it by choice, not economics.

We know the system is not perfect. But couldn't we use the Carrs card for proof? The Carrs card keeps a record of your eating habits. If you purchase large amounts of meat throughout the year, you're not eating your moose, caribou and fish. This is a severe example of want and waste.

It's sad that some (not all) "hunters" (if we can even classify them as such) go on a hunt because they want to get away from their family or job. These so-called "hunters" want to "cut loose" or, sadly enough, they just want to shoot something. They are ill prepared to take care of the meat in the field and the end result is a freezer full of meat that probably ends up in the landfill. I hope this issue can be resolved fairly for everyone.

Robin M. Harms / Palmer


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