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From One Anti-Hunting 'Nazi' to the Moronic: Respect the Vote

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 2, 2005

In response to Paul Rotkis' letter of Feb. 22 ("Animal lovers, head to East Coast, where we all know animals thrive"): This is one of those anti-hunting "Nazis" speaking. Like most moronic hunters, he still doesn't get it.

The people of this state voted not to allow air hunting. But big bad men, who just have to go out and hunt with a high-powered rifle, got their way. Thanks to good ole Frank!

Well, I feel that everyone on that so-called Game Board should be fired and Frank removed from office for not doing what the voters told him to do.

Any time man gets mixed up with some sort of control, he makes it worse.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. For all those whiny people out there in McGrath, if you can't live with the land, maybe you better move back to the city. Seems you can't handle the real wilderness.

  Frank Talas / Chugiak AK


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