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Wolves Will Die; Quick Death is More Compassionate than Starvation

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 7, 2005

I have been watching and reading most all of the material that your paper has published in the last few years concerning game management here in Alaska. I had a thought the other day that might put most of the wolf management controversy in perspective. The only thing that is really being decided here is quite simple: when the wolves are going to die and how.

The state wants to humanely thin out the wolves by shooting some of them (a quick and humane death). The (so-called) "friends of the animals" and apparently the rest of these groups want to starve these beautiful creatures to death. That is what is going to happen when they have eaten all the moose and caribou in the area. Death by starvation is far from being compassionate, which these groups claim to be.

Tom Feliciano / Eagle River


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