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Man Plays Role in Decline of Game;Don't Lay Full Blame on Predators

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 9, 2005

In most of the letters to the editor that I have read, people seem to blame the decline of the moose and herds of caribou around the state on the animal predators (wolves and bears). But man needs to be accountable for his part in the decline of moose and herds of caribou.

Look at all the modern inventions that man uses to hunt with, like the ever-improving firearms and ammunition, airplanes, ATVs and snowmachines. The Game Board needs to look at the other factors that are causing the decline of moose and herds of caribou and not lay all the blame on animal predators.

Animal predator control programs are a good tool to use in game management, but there are other ways to predator control than just killing off a set number of animal predators in different game units around the state, so man can have more moose and caribou to hunt.

Wendell Goodwill / Sterling


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