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Leave Wolf Alone

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 11, 2005

To the editor:

The wolf that is wandering around Evansville should be left to fend for itself, as nature intended. Of all the "Nature" programs I've ever watched on television, the photojournalists have always left injured animals to endure their own fate.

Graphic examples of what happens to injured animals in the wild have been captured several times on film, without human intervention. As cruel as Mother Nature is, there is no reason for anyone to aid this wolf.

Not so long ago, I recall a local Fairbanks resident was cited for feeding a moose. As horrendous as law enforcement handled that incident, how can officials stand aside and allow other people to break the same law by feeding this wolf? I'm certain if the residents of Evansville followed the law and had not started feeding this wolf, it would not have stayed in the area.

If the "Friends of Animals" group wants to capture the wolf, there should be months of "red tape" to allow such a capture. I have no personal interest in this wolf's fate, good or bad. I just believe nature should be the deciding factor in the wolf's ultimate fate.

Dan Simants / Fairbanks


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