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Might Growing Human Population be Affecting Moose Numbers?

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 15, 2005

I was saddened to see the picture of the magnificent alpha female wolf being hauled away on a sled, along with snare and trap, to see her reduced to this ("Wolf kill stirs old debate," March 4). OK, so it was legal. I cannot judge this man or his reasons for doing this. Maybe he thinks it is the only way he can make money. I can only hope that when he put that final shot in her, he thanked her spirit for giving her life to him.

The people who want wolf control in any form they can get it say they can't feed their families in the subsistence lifestyle because the wolves take too many moose. Did anyone stop to think that there might not be enough moose to go around because of the growing population of people? Might there not be a better way to "manage" wildlife?

Lee Smith / Wasilla


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