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Want to Save Denali Wolves? Build a Fence Around the Entire Park

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 15, 2005

Regarding "Wolf kill stirs old debate" (March 4), I support all these guys since I am a hunter and spent my life growing up in Healy. A wolf is a wild animal and it will travel to many places to find food.

The questions I wish Gordon Haber would answer is how the moose and caribou and sheep populations are doing in the park. Now people can go in the park for a whole day trip and not see one moose or anything. Has anyone stopped and asked why? When too many wolves are in an area, other animal populations will go down. But wolves are far more precious to some people than moose, caribou and sheep are.

It does not matter how big the buffer zone is, the wolves will still travel out past it to find food. The way to solve this problem is not a buffer zone. Maybe instead of Gordon Haber trying to keep people from getting the wolves that get out of the park, he should worry about keeping them in. And the only way to stop them is with a fence around the whole park. Maybe then people would then see what the wolves would do in 10 years to the rest of the wildlife in the park.

I say congratulations to all you guys who are doing it the legal way and saving the lives of some moose, caribou and sheep.

Dan Truett / Big Lake


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