Gov. Murkowski Brings Integrity and
Thought Back to Board of Game

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / 2-6-03


How gratifying to see the gut twisting on the part of all the bunny huggers over the new nominees to the Board of Game. Fran Ulmer and her pack of court jesters got beat like a rented mule, so get used to it. We won, you lost.

Joyfully, we will not have to endure the Knowles hypocrites' self-styled experts who opposed manipulating nature (God forbid we should kill wolves!) so rural Alaskans could eat moose. Who started a Net campaign for government creation of a nonnatural fishery so the McNeil River bear numbers would not go through the downturn of a natural population cycle? Certainly he and his wife's pursuit of photography, much like Gordon Haber's nursing on the money teats of animal rights organizations, has nothing to do with their thinly veiled war on subsistence and rural Alaskans' way of life.

Thank you, Republican legislators, for canning lame duck Tony's pitiful nominations. Thank you, Gov. Murkowski, for bringing integrity of thought back to the Board of Game. And thank you all for bringing such obvious angst to outside entities, such as the Friends of Animals and the Anchorage-California Daily News.

-- Buck Martin / Eagle River

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