Tell Your Legislator to Respect Votes of Public, Oppose Wolf Hunting Bills

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / April 29, 2003


Wolves are being targeted in spotting scopes of aerial land-and-shoot hunters and urgently need your help. The Legislature is advocating a measure that would permit the Board of Game to authorize same-day airborne predator control programs without the backing of the governor or Department of Fish and Game. This means the department would not have the authority to stop a predator control program even if it believes it is biologically unsound. If HB 208 or SB 155 passes, virtually all wolves on state lands in Alaska would be at risk and hundreds of wolves would be needlessly killed.

On the 1996 and 2000 ballots, Alaskans strongly rejected aerial same-day land-and-shoot wolf hunting by the public. The Legislature should respect the wishes of Alaskans and not overturn the public's vote. A recent poll commissioned by the Alaska Wildlife Alliance and carried out by Dittman Research shows 73 percent of Alaskans, including hunters, oppose aerial predator control as a means to increase ungulate populations for hunters.

Predator control when prey populations are stable or increasing is not acceptable wildlife management policy. Call or an e-mail demanding that your legislators reject these bills.

-- Danielle B. Brown / Juneau

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