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Toklat Wolves

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 18, 2005

To the Editor:

I used to think that people who worked and got a Ph.D. deserved a lot of respect and really were an expert in their field until I heard Gordon Haber talking to the Board of Game last year. This man relied on childish attempts to pull people's heartstrings with a story about how the Toklat pack had just received irreparable harm due to an irresponsible trapper having just that morning trapped the alpha female.

Mr. Haber spoke of how this was the only pack that would go about its business ignoring humans and allowing the viewing public to watch, yet he denied that it was habituated to humans. It was apparent that he slanted his entire presentation to fit a specific agenda. Mr. Haber claimed to just be a concerned citizen, not there to speak for any group. Yet under questioning he grudgingly admitted that his funding comes from Friends of Animals. Mr. Haber claimed that the poor wolf was trapped just outside the park boundary and how the buffer zone needed to be expanded. Mr. Haber repeatedly used sensationalism tactics to sway opinion to his views.

A short time later a young man got up to testify and stated that he was the one who trapped that wolf in question, and that Mr. Haber failed to mention that it was trapped at his horse pens. The trap was set to protect the horses.

No matter what a person's credentials, when he is paid to give a group credibility, I no longer consider him as a credible source of information. The Toklat pack was available for viewing all summer. The pack picked another alpha female. I've learned that the people with the real knowledge about wildlife are the people who live among the wildlife.

I feel Tim Mowry did an excellent job of reporting on the issue.

Roggie Hunter / North Pole
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