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The Anti-Hunters

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 21, 2005

To the Editor:

Wow! Troy Dunn's letter to the editor in Wednesday's paper was perfect. It is a perfect showcase of the anti-trapping, anti-hunting, anti-use philosophy of armchair environmentalists.

I have heard Mr. Haber's many, many, many interviews on the radio, and I cringe every time I'm subjected to his blatant bias and lack of objectivity. As a wildlife biologist here in Alaska, I'm offended every time I hear "the doctor" referred to as a professional scientist. Mr. Haber is, without question, devoted to his cause, but he's left the field of science and has sacrificed sound logic and deductive reasoning for emotional bias that is a detriment to the resource he so much wants to protect.
As for Tim Mowry's article and interview with "the trapper," it made me smile and gave me hope. The greatest natural resource experts we are blessed with in this country are the users--the real users--who have a vested interest in conserving the great bounty our land provides us. One of the greatest tragedies of modern wildlife management is the increasing disconnect of the people and the land, as clearly observed in Mr. Dunn's statements.

Whether the rabid environmentalists like it or not, we are a big part of the system and are charged with the critical responsibility of sound stewardship. The hunters, trappers, loggers, miners, fisherman and farmers are the salt of the Earth, the common sense, and the backbone of this great state and this nation. For Mr. Dunn to so flippantly dismiss the common layman as a source of knowledge is a testament to how disillusioned our society has become. A college education is a great thing and has many benefits, but it by no means represents intelligence, wisdom or knowledge.

I'm sure Dr. Haber has learned a great many things in his years studying wolves, but he's compromised the method of science, and instead of a master chef, he's more like the crazy uncle in the basement. I would rather listen to and learn from the observations and experiences of a hunter or trapper any day.

Jenny Bryant / Galena
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