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Wolf Not a Menace

Letters / Juneau Empire / March 27, 2005

It is disappointing to hear that the lone wolf is suspected of killing Rick Huteson's pet, Tank. My condolences go out to him. We in Juneau love our dogs.

Most of us love the wildlife here as well. Many of us even get way too close to predators for a variety of reasons. When I get too close to the wolf it is to admire her grace and beauty. I've observed her many times and I have never seen her display any aggression toward anyone or anything. I hear that many people have allowed their dogs to play with this beautiful creature.

This week I was watching the wolf when another person's dog came upon her suddenly and barked ferociously at her. She just scampered off back into her forest home. I didn't wait around that day to see if the unmannered beast chased her, or if it just bellowed from the trail, but I left wondering whether the owner supported such behavior from their dog. I would be afraid to take such an animal into the forest with the knowledge that at any time he could turn a brown bear against me.

I don't think anyone who lives here needs a warning sign to know that when you are in the forest, you are a guest. If the wolf comes into your home and threatens you, and you so wish, then shoot it. This would be akin to what the wolf is accused of doing last week. Relocating this poor lonely animal is an excellent idea. Killing it would be at best unethical.

J. Steven Reese / Juneau AK
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