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Animals Were Here First; Killing Them Off isn't the Answer

Letters / Juneau Empire / March 28, 2005

You know what really gets me? It's the fact that people think they own this world and animals should be killed off as we cut the trees, prep the land, build homes, pave streets, and push these creatures off their land. This is land that they have lived on for thousands maybe millions of years. "Either move or kill the wolf?" Get a grip Charley Larson (March 25) and all of you out there who think you are top priority in this world and should be No. 1.

We are the ones who brought the wolf to this point, where he had to kill a dog, a dog that ran at him. The wolf took his action, the only action a wolf knows in protecting himself. He killed the dog. I give the wolf a big thumbs up.

Here, take a look at this. You are in your home, and a stranger comes in and charges you. Your first instinct would be to protect your home, family, and property. If you were any kind of man, you would do what you had to do to stop this intruder. If you did that, would you want to be relocated or killed? Of course not. Why? Because this is your home you protected.

Now put yourself in the wolf's place. Hold on, what am I thinking such a selfish being would never sink as low as to think of another first? What is this world coming to? If an animal gets in our, way we kill it; how humane is that? I leave it at that.

Dave Biddinger/ Juneau
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