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Keeping Bears Wild and People Safe

Juneau Empire / April 3, 2005

Keeping Bears Wild and People Safe:

* Keep garbage in an airtight and odor free container

* Keep garbage inside until pick up day

* Take bird feeders down

* Store pet food indoors, and feed pets indoors as well

* Keep barbecues clean and store grills inside when not in use

* Store electric smokers inside

* Store fish remains in tightly sealed contains or freeze them before disposal

City ordinances require:

* Garbage cans may be put out to the curb for collection no sooner than 4 a.m. on pickup day.

* Other than after 4 a.m. on pickup day, garbage must be kept in a bear resistant container or enclosure, or in a strong, fully enclosed structure such as a garage.

* Garbage cans must be labeled with your address.

* Garbage cans must be fitted with lids so as to remain secure if cans are tipped over.

If your garbage has attracted bears and you fail to take steps to legally store your garbage, you could be cited for maintaining a bear attraction nuisance, a $50 fine for the first offense. The second offense is $100, third is $300.

Call the Juneau Police Department at 586-0600 to report garbage violations.

For more information on trash storage and city regulations, see http://www.juneau.org/bears/index.php

For more on bears, see alaskabears.alaska.gov

If you see a bear in town:

* Don't run

* Let the bear know you are human by speaking and slowly waving your arms. Slowly leave the area.

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