State's War on Wolves

Letters to the Editor / Juneau Empire / May 2, 2003


The Department of Fish and Game, the Board of Game and some state legislators are moving at a dizzying pace to launch an all-out war on predators. Proposals to implement predator-control programs throughout the state include killing wolves and relocating brown and black bears in the McGrath area; allowing hunters to shoot wolves from snowmachines in Game Management Unit 16 and in the Nelchina Basin northeast of Anchorage; and allowing members of the public to use land-and-shoot hunting to kill wolves in hunting units 13A, B and E.

Sen. Ralph Seekins and Rep. Bub Fate, both from Fairbanks, want to allow members of the public to conduct airborne shooting of wolves. Their bills, SB 155 and HB 208, would allow preemptive strikes on Alaska's wolves.

Whether any of these programs moves forward is up to the governor, the Board of Game and the Legislature. If any of these proposals are implemented, the public's vote will be violated. Alaskans strongly rejected aerial same day land-and-shoot wolf hunting by the public in 1996 and again in 2000. We need trust and accountability in our appointed officials and the Legislature and we need to know they are listening to and working for the public.

- Seth Little / Anchorage

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