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Live with Wildlife

Letters / Juneau Empire / April 22, 2005

Wolves are indeed wild animals and have a place in our country's ecosystem. These intelligent, social animals are crucial to the health of caribou herds and are also one of the reasons many folks come up to Alaska from down here. Wolves are magnificent creatures. If a wolf kills your pet, you must realize that you are to blame. Living in wildlife habitat comes with certain responsibility, including protecting your pets and livestock by taking common sense measures. If you truly hate wildlife, you are living in the wrong place. Move to Los Angeles and you'll feel much better.

Your state's policy of aerial wolf hunting is hurting your tourism appeal and your image. Your state's policy of supporting oil production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is alienating you from those that would visit your state's incredible scenic and wildlife heritage. I understand that you take these attributes for granted, but those of us that have been living without wolves and grizzlies thanks to our government's extirpation efforts realize the mistake of trying to take the major carnivores out of the ecosystem. I urge you to protect your wild places and your tourism by putting a stop to wolf and grizzly hunting, particularly aerial hunting, and by letting your governor and senator know that you do not support this destructive action.

Christie Greene / Evergreen, Colo.

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