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It's a Good Thing Outsiders Care About Protecting Alaska Wildlife

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 23, 2005

Some people on our planet actually revere and protect wildlife. Here in Alaska we apparently enjoy systematically killing it off under the guise of "predator control" ("State's predator control effort opens Tok area to grizzly baiting," April 6). Alaska bureaucrats, thinking they can manage wildlife better than mother nature has been doing for millions of years, are being recklessly dishonest.

I thought real hunters practiced fair chase, not baiting wild animals so a few gun slinging macho hunters can more easily blast away at the few bears and wolves that are left.

It's a good thing Outsiders who care about the natural world stand up and protest, because Alaskans apparently don't care.

Will our generation have the courage to protect the environment and the wild creatures we live with, or have we decided that narrow-minded policy trumps any necessity to preserve the natural wonders we have inherited?

Tom Hughes / Anchorage

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