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Hundreds of Hazards Threaten Dogs, So Don't Lay All Blame on Trappers

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 23, 2005

Regarding the article "Trailside traps raise hackles," April 11, perhaps the bigger story is how many dogs in Alaska got hit by cars (hundreds?), quilled by porcupines (dozens?), poisoned by antifreeze (dozens?), got in the trash (hundreds, thousands?), choked on chicken bones (dozens, hundreds?), fell out of pickups (dozens?), got "put to sleep" at the pound (hundreds, thousands?), got stuck in traps (eight?).

Trappers, for our own good, think about the responsible dog owners sharing our trails and public lands, especially during low snow years when more folks are out with their pets and hunting dogs.

Oh, and to the poacher at Indian Creek; I hope you get busted.

Tom Lessard / Chugiak

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