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Hunters Don't Have a Monopoly on Wildlife, But You Wouldn't Know It

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 26, 2005

I read Paul Joslin's compass piece ("The Game Board is out of balance," April 16), and I am incensed! It is time Alaskans took back their state from King Murkowski, his Board of Game, the Ogans, the Renkeses and the Ruedrichs -- the list goes on. Regarding predator control, the world's worst predator -- man -- is out of control.

Mr. Joslin made a key point that wildlife in Alaska, according to the constitution, belongs to all Alaskans, not just moose- and caribou-eaters and those who kill animals for money, sport, rugs and trophies. There is one way to settle this situation: Put together an alliance of interested organizations with the combined resources to sue Murkowski, the Board of Game and its members for knowingly violating the state's constitution, and take the suit to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

I moved to Alaska from Washington, D.C., to avoid the daily dose of corruption there. However, it seems in Alaska the majority of politicos and political appointees feel they are above the rule of law and all standards of ethics. If they are, the Alaska Supreme Court should confirm that fact, so we all know where we stand. In my humble opinion, the king and his court seem to have the reverse-Midas touch: Instead of gold, almost everything they touch turns brown. Am I the only Alaskan who feels this way?

Richard Hahn / Soldotna

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