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"The War on Wonder"

Is this the end of the Toklat Wolves of Denali National Park?

Sidney Wildesmith / Nature Talk Radio / www.wildsidenews.com / April 28, 2005

Two legendary "friends" have been killed this week.  We ask, "Is nothing sacred?"

Radio Interview

We talk with Dr. Gordon C. Haber, Independent Wildlife Scientist who has been studying wolves and wolf prey systems for 40 years and the Toklat wolves since 1966.

In another story of the killing of a legendary animal friend, this last week, the alpha male of the historic Toklat wolf pack was shot as he stepped outside the legal boundaries set up to help protect the wolves of Denali National Park in Alaska. This follows on the death of his mate and may mean the end of one of the longest and most notable wolf research projects, and the joy and wonder the Toklat wolves have provided to thousands of visitors who got the chance to get up close to this pack that did not really fear humans.

That legacy may have died with the death of the pack's last alpha members. As Alaska advances its taking of wolves with aerial hunting and trapping at the boundaries, it perhaps is another chapter in the advancing "War on Wonder."

Our discussion with Dr. Haber continues as we further explore  "The Wonders of the Toklat Wolves. "


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Part 1
Part 2
"The Wonders of the Toklat Wolves"


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