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Grave and Serious Acts of Mishandling Precious Commodities in the State of Alaska

Letters / April 29, 2005

To: Kathy Hughes / ADF&G Office of the Commissioner

From information I have received personally, and have read about in the national press, I understand that there are grave and serious acts of mishandling precious commodities in the State of Alaska. I should think experts with the wildlife would be in Alaska where the animals exist, and wonder why preservation and balance is not being kept. (I am NOT a member of any group such as PETA, but a concerned person about the natural resources our nation needs, that are still in Alaska.) I do urge you to consider any changes in how the problems are handled, both to your satisfaction and the good of each of us beyond your several committees. It does appear to be a most serious issue concerning species being overrun by human population just now.

William Dennis / Stroudsburg PA

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