Aerial Wolf Hunting Nixed by Voters, and Lawmakers Should Honor That

Anchorage Daily News / Letters to the Editor / May 12, 2003


Since statehood, Alaskans have used their rights as citizens to bring forth ballot initiatives on wildlife issues just three times. Two of these measures prohibited the use of aircraft by private citizens to kill wolves and other predators whether for hunting or predator control.

I have recently learned that Fairbanks Sen. Ralph Seekins is trying to pass a bill (SB 155) that would effectively overturn those votes and bring back killing wolves using aircraft.

I am shocked that the Legislature would ignore Alaska voters to this degree. Aerial wolf hunters have a history of chasing wolves to exhaustion with aircraft and then shooting them, a practice both hunters and non-hunters abhor. Further, it will make our state look bad and cause economic disasters like tourism boycotts that we just don't need right now.

If there is a biological emergency and predator control is necessary, then let the professionals at the Department of Fish and Game do it, as the current law allows. In the meantime, respect the will of the people and stop this bill in its tracks.

-- Dianne Herman / Anchorage

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