Maybe Meddling Greenies Will Visit and Take Wolves Home with Them

Anchorage Daily News / Letters to the Editor / May 24, 2003


This is in response to Karen Deatherage's article. ("Alaskans don't want aerial wolf hunts," May 20) Her article missed the whole point on wolf control. First off, it's the Outside interests that are controlling our wildlife programs for their own viewing benefit. The greenies of San Francisco and beyond want Alaska managed for their narrow personal use. Forget the residents of our beautiful state; they want it for themselves.

Just because my husband and I hunt and fish for the food we eat, does that make us extremist hunters? Our governor caved in on one small experiment to help build moose populations. Wake up, folks: We have an excess of wolves. Maybe we can get these meddling greenies to visit Alaska and take one home.

It's scary to know how much Outside influence is controlling our lives. Remember, we are here all year.

-- Paula Koeberlein / Homer

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