Wildlife Alliance Demonstrates its Ignorance of Game Management

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 3, 2003


As a hunter and conservationist, I have studied and strongly believe in the value of game management. I have seen through my travel abroad the benefits of this science. Many generations ago, hunters set out to protect game resource levels by setting quotas on prey species, as well as quotas to protect and manage predator animals. Through this they were able to provide food, garments and our traditional Alaska way of life.

Unfortunately, groups like the Alaska Wildlife Alliance care nothing for this. They think they know what is best for us and would have us regulate our game according to their agenda. I wonder if they believe their science is better than that of the long-established universities that teach wildlife management or do they base their opinions on their contempt of hunting.

In keeping with their agenda, the wildlife alliance has proposed to the Board of Game (Proposition 154) to limit the season for wolves in several game management units including GMU 8. The differing views of wildlife management could be argued as subjective. However, I feel that when the Alaska Wildlife Alliance proposes a season for wolves in an area that doesn't currently have any wolves, it demonstrates just how much it knows about our wildlife.

-- Bob Coucy / Anchorage

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