Real Hunters Aren't Only in Woods But Getting Involved in the Politics

Anchorage Daily News / Letters to the Editor / June 6, 2002


The trio of madams Shedlock-York, McLaughlin and Fritz is almost more than one man can bear! We never hear from those "hunter husbands" these women profess to be married to when talking about what "real" hunters believe concerning same-day airborne predator control. These women threw out an incredible list of words describing a real hunter, words such as ethical, intelligent, informed, unselfish, sporting, gutsy, open-minded and fair.

If you believe that wildlife should not be allowed to run wild without management and you are a hunter, according to these women you are none of these words. The predator mess we are in right now is a result of uninformed people who allowed a political ballot box to determine wildlife management. The real hunters of Alaska (such as the Arno-Bishop-Olsen trio) are not only in the woods doing what they can for predator control but have learned that we must be involved in the politics, whether we like it or not.

-- Joe Caraway / Anchorage

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