Rare Animals Cool and Beautiful Only When Alive, Not After Hunting

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 29, 2003


A very rare glacier bear has been killed by Mr. Lyle Correll in Interior Alaska. At the end of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story published in the Daily News (Outdoors, June 22), Mr. Correll is quoted as saying, "It's a cool bear." Correction, it was a cool bear. Thanks to Mr. Correll, it is now a very dead, uncool bear.

It's a crying shame that our Board of Game does not prohibit the killing of all rare animals. A remarkable opportunity presented itself a few years ago for this "august'' body to protect a rare bear in Southeast and, miraculously, they voted to protect it.

Killing a rare animal should not be a source of pride for anyone in Alaska. All rare animals should be protected by laws, and anyone killing them should be prosecuted and given the maximum sentence. Some Alaska hunters see something rare and beautiful, and all they want to do is kill it. Mr. Correll states the hide of this bear "is absolutely beautiful." It is no longer beautiful. Now it is just a rug on Mr. Correll's floor.

I am ashamed for our state and Mr. Correll. I am sure I'm not alone in this feeling.

Carol Jensen / Anchorage

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