Hunter-Trapper Simply Disgusted by Unscientific Aerial Wolf Hunting

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / July 3, 2003


I wanted to share my frustration and anguish at the passage and signing of SB 155, the aerial wolf hunting law.

So what's the next step?

With a political change in predator management philosophy, the liberalization and deregulation of techniques employed by the public and the overall disregard for ecological integrity as demonstrated to us by the extreme far-right consumptive-use lobby, it has gone beyond being offensive -- it has become excessively repulsive to me personally and has created a swelling disgust in my attitude toward the hunting community.

As a hunter, trapper, registered big-game guide and eco-tourism operator, I am not opposed to alternative predator management techniques if conducted by state personnel under state supervision. What I am not in support of is the unethical and damaging allowance of behaviors that tarnish the public's opinion of hunters and hunting, such as public aerial sport hunting of wolves, condoned in the guise of predator management policy.

The "maximum sustained yield/manage for abundance" crowd is out-of-tune with the nonhunting public's perception of our activity.

-- Rob Hardy / Wasilla

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