Nothing Wrong with Bear Baiting; Whole Issue is Just Anti-Hunting

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / July 7, 2003


Is there a better way to handle the issue of hunting black bears over bait than pontificating your view with yet another ballot initiative? How about "don't ask don't tell?" Or maybe, as Game Board member Ted Spraker suggested in the Daily News June 24 ("Forces push bear-bait ban"), if you don't like bear baiting, don't do it.

The dynamic threesome of Pollard, Thomas and Erickson apparently think that this hunting method, which many other hunters have no problem with, is too broke to fix. On its surface, the bait ban ballot measure the threesome propose has the look of a noble gesture akin to motherhood. Actually, the anti-hunters have gained a tidy piece of ground on this one without firing a shot. (No pun intended.)

Raising this ruckus is not striking a blow for a hunting privilege. Neither is it about the well-being of any game population. It's sure not about sound game management. The whole thing is a lose-lose deal.

-- Dennis Lattery / Eagle River

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