What is Alternative to Bear Baiting? It's Effective Game Management

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / July 12, 2003


Why is everything we do in game management done based on emotion or profit? We have a Department of Fish and Game. Why don't we use its scientific data to manage game animals?

Guess who stands to benefit the most from a ban on bear baiting. The bears first and then the professional guides that support the ban. I can understand the emotion involved in this issue from people who do not hunt. I can also understand the emotions from those who do. The fact is that with a ban on baiting, fewer bears will be taken. I believe that a growing bear population will have a negative impact. This is a fact that has already cost the state millions of dollars in some areas.

Are we going to spend more money to relocate bears that can't be hunted? An even bigger question would be where to relocate them. Maybe we can deliver a bear to each person signing the petition.

Guides see dollars, and much of the general public sees a warm, cuddly ball of fur. Nobody is looking at this issue from the standpoint that bear management is difficult at best. People opposed to bait stations should provide a viable means for managing these animals before banning the practice.

-- Roger Feuge / Anchorage

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